By Mark Drum

Seemed like Julie Chen was getting tongue-tied on last night’s episode. Isn’t it ironic for Aaryn to talk about discrimination when she’s been perpetrating for the past three weeks. I wonder why they’ve cut the segment of talking to the current HOH before evictions? It was quite funny to hear that McCrae’s dad knows that Amanda wears the pants in the showmance. Jeremy definitely tried to leave the game with his head high and with a fight. But it was a little too late.

Multi-faceted Aaryn

Aaryn has definitely been getting quite a lot of airtime. I can understand that this makes some good tv but Aaryn’s becoming to much of an annoyance. GinaMarie as I’ve said before and will say again is a hot mess since Nick’s eviction last week. But what Aaryn did to her as a harmless prank was a bit much. Granted GinaMarie needs to get her head back into the game instead of making a shine for an evicted houseguest. GinaMarie as I’ve said before and will say again is a hot mess since Nick’s eviction last week.

Jeremy’s Plea

“Walking in a different guy, walking out a different man,” are some humbling words coming from Jeremy who has been evicted. Before his evictions Jeremy really did make an effort to stay in the house, but the odds were against him. I was confused why he decided to dress up as a baby. It was mildly funny but it just looked plain ridiculous. Jeremy did make a good move talking with Helen & Elissa. Cockiness walks a fine line with confidence and Jeremy was walking that fine line, which was his ultimate demise. I give Jeremy credit for being a competitor but in the Big Brother house going in with “Gun’s Blazing” as he said wasn’t the best strategy, but it was a strategy at that. Yet Jeremy understood that it was a game and he has no hard feels with the houseguests. So I definitely saw his growth even in the few weeks he’s been in the house.

My Top Three Houseguests

1. Judd – I was happy to see him win the HOH competition! He’s been laying low, but now that the game is heading to the final week of the first month it’s about time Judd stepped up. Party Darty may seem to be aligned with one side but I can see him nominating who he feels are targets. But I do also slightly worry that he may be easily influenced by houseguests to nominate certain people.

2. Kaitlin – I would consider Kaitlin a dark horse, because she has been doing really well at competitions both physically and mentally. But for HOH has fallen short twice in two weeks on tie breaker questions. Even though she said goodbye to her showmance, Kaitlin stayed strong and didn’t weep unlike GineMarie. I feel that she’ll be safe this week and could form an alliance with Judd. Also I was glad to see her stand up and be the lone vote to evict Spencer. Looking forward in seeing if Kaitlin has a conversation with GinaMarie about not voting to keep Jeremy.

3. Helen – Her plan to get Jeremy out of the house this week worked. Helen is also the first HOH this season to get one of her nominees evicted, since the last two have been from the BBMVP. She should be cautious this next week because of the BBMVP nominations being up to America as well as if Judd deems Helen as a threat. For many live feeders, Helen has been dubbed this past week as having HOH-itis, which is getting overly controlling and bossy when the HOH’s reign of power is only for one week. So it’ll be interesting to see if Helen get’s voted in due to her attitude from this past week.

My Bottom Three Houseguests

1. GinaMarie – She needs to step up her game. I was shocked that she didn’t vote to keep Jeremy and voted with the group. In some ways it’s a smart move, but GinaMarie voted for one of her friends and those still in the house will want some explanation.

2. Jessie – Floater Status! She’s just coasting along and I hope she starts playing the game. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Jessie is trying to just make it to jury. She hasn’t done well in a physical or mental competition and her social skills are a bit lacking. Either that’s her strategy or she’s just a “floater” or maybe both.

3. Andy – For a public speaking professor, he’s been laying pretty low in this game. He did have a good shot at the HOH competition when he was paired with Elissa, but they ended up coming up short. But since then I haven’t seen him really fight to make some game moves or strategies. Here’s hoping that Andy does something this week, not that Judd is in power.

My Vote For America’s BBMVP Nomination

We have 10 votes and I used all of mine to nominate Amanda. I choose Amanda because she does a lot of talking but without any power except her word in this house. She hasn’t won an HOH or POV or BBMVP and she’s made a lot of waves with many of the houseguests. Plus Amanda is in a showmance with McCrae which could now be considered a “power couple” since they’ve helped evict the past three guys. Amanda has made some great moves in this game and as a player I would feel threatened by her game. So as BBMVP (or at least being a part of the vote) I’ve decided to nominate Amanda. It’s nothing personal, it’s just a game!

I’m pretty sure that America is going to vote for Aaryn, but I hope America is smart enough to put emotions aside and nominate a player that is a threat and who’s playing the game.

BBMVP America’s Nomination vote closes at 8:59pm EST or 5:59 PST. Vote here.

My prediction for nominations

I’m hoping Judd nominates some floaters in this game. Or I would like to see him nominate people who pose threats to his game. For floaters, he should nominate GinaMarie and Andy, since neither have been on the block yet. Or he should nominate Helen and Amanda, because I would see them being threats in Judd’s game in winning the half a million dollars. Helen and Amanda are strong players, so it would be smart to nominate them for evictions. If Judd is to listen to the house, I feel as though Amanda would like to see Howard and Spencer nominated. Getting more of the Moving Company guys out of the house.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS 62!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email


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