By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

As we wait to see how baseball handles the post Ryan Braun suspension, former players seem to be coming out of the woodwork to tell their stories about performance enhancing drugs. Former Tiger Robert Fick is one of those players who recently went on a Los Angeles TV show called “Good Day LA.”

Fick, who hit the last homer at Tiger Stadium, a grand slam, claims he, too, tried steroids. “I have tried it yeah, two times, I never did it when I was in the off-season, trying to lift weights, get stronger, hit home runs,” Fick said. “I was a young player and was told that it would help me get back on the field and stay on the field. I separated my shoulder in 2000 and they called it a third degree separation and you know I got on some juice and the next thing you know, three, four weeks I was back in the lineup.” Fick claims he was not using drugs when he hit that memorable grand slam.

Fick also admitted he knew which one of his Detroit teammates were using steroids back when he was a Tiger, meaning there was PED use going on. Since the time when Fick was a player, he believes that baseball has done a nice job of cleaning up the game. “If I was to throw a number out there today, I would say that the game is probably 90 percent clean,” Fick said.

The former Tiger also could not understand why players such as Braun and Alex Rodriguez, who have everything, would resort to using performance enhancing drugs. Fick believes players used steroids to get the big contracts and since both Braun and Rodriguez already have them, why would they continue to use and risk getting caught and suspended?

Check out the nine minute interview with Fick. I promise it’s an interesting watch. The only downside is the male interviewer getting the name of “Tiger Stadium” wrong. He calls it “Tiger Park.”

C’mon, do some research man!

Click HERE to see the full interview with Fick and the TV crew from LA.


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