By Mike Valenti

How important is it to get Jimmy Graham this season? He might just be the most important player in fantasy football at a shockingly naked position.

In the past few years we’ve seen the TE position go from brutally thin to delightfully deep. Well, guess what? It’s awful again! Weeeeeeeeeee.

Ask yourself this question…How many guys come with great production and next to no question marks?

Jimmy Graham.


….nice area

…..Red Wings My Red Wings

See where I’m headed. Let’s go down the list.

Rob Gronkowski? He’s a walking surgery scar.

Aaron Hernandez? He might be a serial killer.

Dennis Pita? He’s out for the season.

Tony Gonzalez? He’s 70 years old and is due for a bad exit.

Jason Witten? On the downside of his career, not to mention he’s a perennial letdown selection.

Let’s bottom line this one: If you don’t get Graham you are asking for problems — big problems. Graham is a weapon of destruction in what should return to an elite offense where — gasp — he is the featured dish.

Graham is a young, healthy, elite QB. Oh, and he plays indoors on fast track. Look, me telling you Jimmy is the best TE isn’t news or even mildly interesting. But that’s not what I’m doing: I’m trying to show you just how much better he is than the rest in this given season. Right here. Right now.

There is no player in all of fantasy, Calvin included, who is this far above the rest of his positional competitors.

So let’s review: GET GRAHAM. Otherwise punt the position and target high upside/low risk options later in the draft. Stack other spots with elite talent and take a flier on what has become a risk graveyard. What names should you target? We will cover that in the coming weeks.


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