DETROIT (WWJ) – Many women long to have a curvier backside like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez — but some are actually dying to get it.

WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee says women across the country are risking their lives, undergoing a black market procedures to get bigger bottoms without the high cost of plastic surgery.

They’re allowing people, often without medical training, to inject things like home improvement-type silicone into their bodies, sometimes to fatal results.

Deaths from such injections have been reported in several states.

Detroit-based stylist Karmello Montanah is one of the lucky ones. She’s had three of the injections, but wishes she’d never done it.

Now, she warns young girls not to try it, even once.

“Some end up dying, which is scary because if I would’ve known then what I know now, I would’ve never went near it,” she said.

“Now that I’m finding out a lot of stuff now that I didn’t know before, I would never go back,” Montanah said. “If you wanna do it just go to a regular professional; go to a real plastic surgeon — and just do it the smart way.”

Beaumont plastic surgeon Anthony Youn said he’s treated women who’ve gotten the black market injections.

“The problem with industrial strength or medical grade silicone, any type of silicone, is that it’s permanent,” said Youn. “In best-case scenarios the silicone can harden. And in worst-case scenarios it can create what we call granulomas, which are inflammatory nodules and infections.”

“The results are never good in the end, because you’re typically trying to salvage what is really a disaster,” Youn said.

Youn said the only safe way to a curvier behind is getting silicone implants or having your own fat transferred by a board-certified physician.

[Montanah said she’d like to talk to young women considering getting injections about her experience. Email her at].


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