By: Bill McAllister

Must be nice to be Bruce Willis. The bald artist formerly known as Bruno turned down $3 million to appear in Expendables 3, and while some actors get upwards of $20 million to appear in movies, Sylvester Stallone was offering Willis $3 million for four days of work! Bruce said, I want $4 million or we have no deal. Sly said, ‘see ya’ to Willis and replaced him with Harrison Ford. Also joining the cast are Nicholas Cage, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham and Mickey Rourke.

While all of these guys have made action movies, we decided to focus more on individual characters such as…and here’s where the irony kicks in…you, the listeners gave the most votes to Bruce Willis’ Die Hard character John McClane and rounding out the top 4 were Sly Stallone’s John Rambo, Bruce Lee’s Lee (seriously, could they not come up with a more creative name for him?) and Arnold’s Terminator.

Well Bruce, I’m sorry you didn’t get your 4 million but at least you’re on Mount Rushmore!


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