By Mark Drum, CBS Detroit blogger

When did the HOH room just become a common room? I wish the HOHs would know it’s their own space for the week and it should be kept that way. It’s a privilege to whomever is in power when winning to have a luxury. I can’t believe how it’s just being used like it’s just another room. I was so glad that Andy the Rat and Amanda the Bully were getting called out! Also McCrae the Boy Toy being the submissive person that he’s becoming in this game to Amanda. Plus the reactions of Andy and Amanda horrified that a returning jury member returning, made the night a lot better!

Mom Squad Playing Defense

I really liked how Elissa and Helen really tried to get the votes for Helen to stay. Andy the little rat, should realize that there are good/evil sides of the house. It’s called “America’s Favorite and Hated by America,” groups in the house. Andy is treading that very thin line. These houseguests should remember to play the game without emotions and think what’s best for their own gameplay. Which I give credit to Andy in trying to do, however most houseguest let their emotions get the best of them. Especially after forming bonds with them. But in the game their can only be one winner, so with an easy decision the house voted to evict Helen. I would say was a good move but continues to only help Amanda’s case in winning. I was cracking up when Amanda asked if the other houseguests thought she was a bully only to get houseguests petting her ego by saying “of course not,” when in actually she is and still is. But Amanda is blinded by her bullying as it seems to be second nature for her to boss people around and not care whether or not it effects them. I’m sounding like a broken record but Amanda is a bully!

Jury Time

I liked how Judd was really hoping to come back in the game and his wish may be granted. Now with the opportunity to return to the house, I was a little surprised that Candice’s main target to get out was GinaMarie. It’s a weak game move in the aspects of GinaMarie isn’t a strong competitor and Candice was only seeking out revenge. While Jessie, Judd and now Helen are dying to get back in the game to evict Amanda, McCrae, Andy or Aaryn. I was surprised that Julie was saying this was a first, when they’ve had houseguests return, but at the point of juries is new. However other countries have done it as well, for example Big Brother Canada when Canada voted to bring back Gary. So hopefully we’ll see a jury member potentially win the game after being evicted.

Prediction for Houseguest Returning

As much as I’d like to see Helen come back in the game after being evicted moments before the twist, it doesn’t look like she’s any good catching balls being hurled at her. So in the aspect of the competition for HOH/A jury member to return, my prediction is to Judd. Surprisingly the first jury member to catch a ball was Jessie who just caught the ball and didn’t say a word. Both Jessie and Judd are playing to get back in the game. Poor Candice did anyone see the shot of the ball pretty much getting hurled at her and hitting her arm. These houseguests are in a batting cage with no bat and are fighting to just catch the ball.

Prediction of HOH & Nominations

With the twist being the first person to reach 10 will be HOH, I wouldn’t be surprised if the returning houseguest is also the new HOH. I feel any of the jury members won’t be willing to join 3 AM and are more likely to target them. I predict the returning houseguest and Spencer will be up for eviction this upcoming week. Obviously Spencer will once again be the pawn and the goal would be to get the returning houseguest back into the jury house. However I hope that it’s to backdoor Amanda, McCrae, Andy or Aaryn.

My Ranking of the Houseguests

  1. Amanda – She’s running this house and as much as I hate to see her in the game, she’s been doing a good job manipulating everyone to do whatever she wants without ever being in power. But I really hope that she loses this week’s HOH and gets thrown off her high horse of power.
  2. McCrae – He’s kind of riding the coat tails of Amanda. At the beginning of the game McCrae was competing in the competition for power but recently has kind of taken a back seat. But his social game has been great and if he was smart would take the first opportunity to evict Amanda as he stands no chance in winning against her. Unless the jury is as they always are bitter, then he’ll win unanimously.
  3. Aaryn – As HOH for the fourth time she’s proving she’s a competitor. Sadly her gameplay has been to do whatever Amanda has wanted to do. It would have been great if Aaryn did put Amanda up next to Helen. But alas that never came to fruition as the Minion was getting cornered by her bully.
  4. Andy – As much as I call him a rat, he’s in a good position of safety, however with recent events if Elissa were to get in power he should consider himself nominated for eviction and stop being Amanda’s rat.
  5. Spencer – As much as he’s been the pawn he’s not last in my rankings because he’s actually playing the game. Not a very good game but one nonetheless. If Spencer is HOH, he should nominate Aaryn and Andy to only backdoor Amanda.
  6. Elissa – She’s lost her only ally in the game and is fighting to stay in the game. Hopefully we see her finally competing in the competitions. If she were to win HOH, Elissa should nominate Amanda and McCrae because then they both would fight for POV for themselves. But you know somehow Amanda will get McCrae to use it on her only to see McCrae get voted out. Here’s hoping if the returning houseguest isn’t HOH that Elissa gets into power.
  7. GinaMarie – Nick’s hat is doing better in this game than her game moves. She’s a floater just riding along with who ever is in power and doing whatever they tell her to vote to evict. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it to final two now because she’s playing for second. No chance she’ll win the $500,000 unless she’s HOH and somehow decides that Amanda should be evicted. Then winning POVs to save herself from evictions and strategizing with other houseguests besides Aaryn. But that would mean GinaMarie was playing the game. Right now she’s just floating like a good floater does.

I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode to air to find out which evicted houseguest returns and if they become HOH. Tune in at 8pm on CBS 62!


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