Traffic Stop Leads To Arrest Of Woman With Taser Disguised As Cell Phone

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Stun Gun that looks like a cell phone. (Credit/Street Wise)

Stun Gun that looks like a cell phone. (Credit/Street Wise)

FERNDALE (WWJ) –  Police in Ferndale say a woman stopped for driving with an expired license plate had what looked like a pink colored cell phone in her purse.

But it was really a Taser disguised as a phone.

Police also found a small amount of marijuana when they stopped the vehicle last night around 8:30.

Forty-three-year-old Felicia Boles was arraigned Monday on charges of possessing a Taser without a concealed weapons permit, a four year felony, driving with a suspended license, and lying about her identity by providing a false ID.

‎Police say Boles has a criminal history that includes convictions for drug possession and felony firearms.

In 2012, it became legal to carry a Taser, although restrictions apply including specialized training which is required to legally carry a stun gun.

Michigan joined 43 other states that allow residents to carry stun guns under certain circumstances. Michigan law had banned the use of stun guns since 1976, with exceptions for police and some other personnel.

Laws that cover the use and licensing of concealed handguns in Michigan also apply to stun guns or Tasers.

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