By: Jeff Riger

There has been one pressing question amongst Tiger fans for the last couple weeks and it’s one that won’t be answered anytime soon.

Who will Jim Leyland pitch in game 1 of the ALDS if (who are we kidding-when) Detroit gets there?

Of course Leyland can’t answer this question even though I’m sure he’s given plenty of thought about it. There is no way that Leyland will talk about the playoffs, nor should he as it would send the wrong message but it was worth a shot anyway.

I asked the skipper about what goes into the decision about deciding who will start game one of the playoffs?

“I decide about how to win this game tonight and not worry about postseason” Leyland said. “I can assure you one thing, if we were fortunate enough to get to postseason, I’ll have four good pitchers starting. In what order I don’t necessarily know.”

Leyland did make sure that the writers and reporters in his office emphasized the word “if” they make the playoffs, not wanting people to think that the manager is already thinking about the playoffs.

I followed up with Leyland, still hoping he would tell us how he goes about making such a tough decision but it didn’t result in much. “You’re just asking questions, you’re wasting your time” Leyland barked. But then he did continue…

Listen to the audio clip below to find out what else Leyland had to say about a possible postseason rotation and the fans that ask him the same question out in public.

Also tell us what you think. If the Tigers do make the playoffs, who should start game one?


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