By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

Max Scherzer, who goes for his 20th victory today, is one of three pitchers ever in the history of the game to win his first 19 of 20 decisions.

Miguel Cabrera is vying for his second consecutive Triple Crown, something that has never been done and he is having a better season then he did in 2012.

How is one to choose which who is having the better season?

OK, I know what you’re thinking… Why is it even important? This must be one of those dumb questions just to fill time on a radio show?

Well you might not be that far off but it is interesting none the less.

So what does Detroit skipper Jim Leyland think? He usually is pretty honest with the media.

“I don’t know, I’m not going to compare those two” Leyland said. People are asking me about that stuff. They’re not silly questions but they are aggravating questions for me. What do people want me to say? Cabrera is doing better than Scherzer or Scherzer is doing better than Cabrera? I think it’s remarkable what they are both doing, I’m not going to compare them because I think it’s apples and oranges, one’s a pitcher and one’s a hitter. They just both have been unbelievable!”

A reporter followed up wondering if Cabrera’s and Scherzer’s achievements this season are equal? Leyland would not answer.

I then chimed in, interested if Leyland thought one was over shadowing the others season?

“I don’t think so” Leyland said. “You guys would know that more than me, you have the talk show, I don’t know, you would know that more than me. I only read the paper; I don’t listen to the radio!”

So Leyland doesn’t know or isn’t willing to share who he believes is having a better season.

But what about you? Is Scherzer having a better season than Cabrera or is it the other way around? Let us know. Of course you could always just say that this question is stupid too…

Which I seem to get a lot!


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