By Mark Drum

Did anyone else feel the tension coming from Julie Chen during Aaryn’s eviction? Also the studio audience was very vocal with their opinions of Aaryn too. As a viewer I think we forget that the houseguests are human beings. The houseguests have flaws and for Aaryn, they were very much publicized. I find it ironic that Julie Chen and the studio audience became bullies to Aaryn. If you think I’m wrong about this watch the episode again. Aaryn tried the best she could to play the game and it may not have been the best but let’s remember Aaryn is only 22 years old. So for America to be a bully to Aaryn only proves that bullying should stop!

A New Alliance Formed

The Exterminators?!? I can just imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger as their mascot for this alliance. Ironic that Andy the Rat is in this alliance. But I guess keep gossip close but people you can align with to manipulate closer. For Andy he’s doing just that and I won’t be surprised when he aligns back with McManda if they become in power. Interesting to also see the floaters finally making an alliance. Elissa is yet again alone in the game and won’t be surpassed if her alliance she made with Judd goes out the door for this new one that he’s joined. Spencer and GinaMarie are finally playing this game but could this be a little too late? We’ll have to wait and see!

Former Houseguests Commentary

A familiar Michigander face was on last night’s episode and that was none other than Dan Gheesling. Dan was definitely misting the audience and Julie Chen. Funny how he didn’t mention Shane when talking to past houseguests he keeps in touch with after Julie deliberately mentions his name as well as a few others. Still working that mist Dan? Again we’re graced with the presence of Rachel Rielly again this season of Big Brother. I think Rachel is giving Jessie Godderz from Season 10 & 11 a run for his money on consecutive appearances on Big Brother. Can you imagine a Big Brother Baby? That should be a season twist, Big Brother Families, former showmances with their babies compete. I was cracking up when Jordan was confessing that she’s waiting for Jeff to just put “a ring on it.” Also it was interesting that the three showmances were all in one season of Big Brother (Season 13). Surprised they didn’t try contact Boogie & Erika or Jessie & Lydia or even Shane & Danielle from last season. But it was unanimous from the former houseguest that Amanda & McCrae were dominating the house while the current houseguests have been letting Amanda & McCrae control the game.

Aaryn’s Time Is Up

Now I wonder what exactly Andy would need to explain if he was evicted from the Big Brother house. Clearly Julie Chen knew Aaryn was going to be evicted. Anyone watching the live feeds knew as well that Aaryn was going home too. I did commend Aaryn in attempting to sway for votes. But sadly her use in the game for the other houseguest ran up and she was voted out with the very predictable “Unanimous” vote. Funny Julie said couldn’t give Aaryn feedback from the outside world, when the audience blatantly booed and scoffed at her while speaking to an also bitter Julie Chen. Poor Aaryn she was definitely sad that she was evicted but tried to put her best foot forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sheds a few tears after the reception she received when being evicted. But I guess what goes around comes around. However Aaryn admitted her faults and actions. I genuinely believe she’s regretting what she said and I’ll say it again Aaryn is only 22. She’s still growing as a person. I’m appalled the audience was so vocal and Julie Chen was bitter. I would hope that people can learn to forgive and accept people for their flaws. Doesn’t mean to be friends but just learn to accept people for who they are. Be the change that you want to see in the world, don’t reinforce the negative. With that I’ll stop with my soapbox and continue with the recap.

My Rankings of the Houseguests

1. Amanda – Who’s Big Brother house? Amanda’s Big Brother House! I may not like her way of playing or the fact she’s taking a lot of past houseguests strategies to her advantage, Amanda is dominating this game and controlling the houseguests. Let’s hope someone can knock her out and into the Jury house.
2. McCrae – Sitting pretty as the Boy Toy to the Bully. However should be scared because he’s already been on the block now, he could just see himself up again if he or Amanda don’t win HOH.
3. Elissa – Not a threat currently to those below her in ranking but has started the charge to get rid of McManda. Let’s hope that neither Amanda or McCrae win HOH or we can expect Elissa to be nominated then evicted next week.
4. Judd – Dan’s cheering for him, I’m cheering for him and America is cheering for him. However he hasn’t really made a strong move since coming back. But forming a new alliance with three other people could prove to work in his favor. Plus he’s aligned himself with Elissa as well.
5. Andy – The Rat got nearly exterminated however has now joined the Exterminators. But like I said earlier I won’t be surprised if this Rat goes back to his Bully to gossip about what is going on in the game.
6. Spencer – Should just win an HOH, then I’ll bump him up on my list. Right now he’s just a floater and hasn’t really shown any great game moves that he’s come up with. The newly formed alliance was a mutual hate for Amanda controlling the game and getting her out.
7. GinaMarie – She’s still in this house somehow and holding on to Nick’s hat.

Prediction for HOH & Nominations

I will be glad to see Judd win HOH. I will flip a table and yell if McCrae or Amanda win. But I will crack up laughing like GinaMarie does if she wins HOH. The competition for HOH is really anyone’s game this week because by the end of the week, two will go to the Jury house thanks to another Double Eviction. If McCrae or Amanda get HOH their target is Elissa and they’ll nominate her and Spencer or try to just back door her. While if anyone else gets HOH, I believe they’ll nominate both Amanda & McCrae.

Now this surprise competition better not be Pandora’s Box, Coup d’etat or a new power shift because that would only continue to fuel the fire of conspiracy. I do however hope it’s a luxury competition with more punishments to be handed out.

Tune in Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS 62 to see what this special competition is and if there is a prize or power rewarded.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email

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