By: Jeff Riger

Indian’s outfielder Nick Swisher doesn’t hide the fact that he loves Ohio State! Swisher grew up in Columbus, he played baseball for the Buckeyes and to this day he wears his scarlet and grey proudly.

On Friday Swisher was happy to talk about baseball and their big weekend series with the Tigers but he was ecstatic to discuss college football and his disdain for Michigan.

“Oh yeah, why not? That’s part of the gig” Swisher responded when I asked him if he hated Michigan?

As for the OSU’s chances this season, Swisher seems optimistic. “Everybody is trying to dog on the Buckeyes” Swisher said. “I got a chance to speak to Urban Meyer a couple weeks ago man; he’s got those boys ready to go. We open up with Buffalo, lets not look ahead in the schedule but you know our schedule pans out pretty well for us. You know everybody talks about the SEC and this and that but if there is one team that can branch in there and make a name for themselves, I think it’s Ohio State.”

Of course there are always stipulations that will allow a team to succeed. Swisher believes Ohio State’s formula is easy. “We got to keep some guys out of jail but other than that we’re doing a pretty good job.”

How awesome is that? A professional baseball player that went to Ohio State knows exactly what the downfall to his team could be…jail.

Sounds a lot like the Buckeyes, doesn’t it?

As for the rivalry, Swisher admits that it’s Michigan that has to get their act together to make it what it once used to be. “I’m not dogging on anybody but Michigan has had a couple of down years in the past and we’re building our program up as well as Michigan is so that last game of the season is always going to be fun to watch.”

So what about Rich Rodriguez? Swisher had to love “Rich Rod” considering what a train wreck he was in Ann Arbor? “He took the Michigan job and his first interview he’s shrugging off the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry and I’m thinking to myself, bro you’re not the right man for the job. We’re supposed to be building this up and he’s knocking it down. I’m glad that era is over and I’m sure Michigan fans are as well.”

Listen to the entire Swisher interview to find out what he thinks the biggest rivalry is: Yankees-Red Sox or Michigan-OSU? Swisher also has more to say about Rich Rodriguez.

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