By: Eric Thomas

The Lions won their third straight season opener in front of a packed and drained crowd at Ford Field in downtown Detroit, a game that managed to display why being a Lions fan is a near fatal experience every time the team takes the field. There were penalties, overturned touchdowns, touchdowns reversed due to penalties, turnovers off deflections (the worst turnovers…there are too many people to blame), turnovers that turned into touchdowns because the ball broke the plane—and Reggie Bush, in all his former USC glory, the middle of the field wide open; the men wearing purple jerseys huffing desperately to catch him, the recognizable name and number inches from their grasp. The numbers 90 (rushing) and 101 (receiving) means that teams can’t triple cover Calvin Johnson any more.

It’s easy to overestimate week one. Many will. The 49er v Bronco Super Bowl seems almost as certain a Tony Romo meltdown for many in football’s chattering class. It’s easy to jump to conclusions but the Lions could compete in the NFC North with Reggie Bush.*

How quickly things turn around. Lions fans (including yrs truly) were ready to collectively jump from the highest reachable surface early in the game. Twitter was a-churn with Lions in full throated primal scream before half time. Many fans had sworn off the team in perpetuity, fired Schwartz and declared an 0-16 season a certainty. Again, this was during the first half.

(I’m not innocent here, just another sinner. Thank God I wasn’t at Ford Field and only watching on television. If you don’t follow me on Twitter—@ETFlint—I invite you to. I haven’t erased anything from Sunday. I went from apocalyptically angry to catatonically depressed. Actual Tweet from Sunday:


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