DETROIT (CBS Detroit) The Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs. Floyd Mayweather fight is the talk of the sports world this week.

And no one has a better perspective on a great, grinding fight than the guys who grind out football games every week. Who do the Detroit Lions players pick as the winner?

Defensive Tackle C.J. Mosley put his “money” on Mayweather, “Both fighters are undefeated but I like Floyd, I think his defense and just his counter punching mixed with his quickness almost makes him unbeatable in my eyes and I haven’t seen him get knocked down yet at all,” he said.

“The hardest punch I seen him take was from Sugar Shane Mosley and it looked like he was knocked down on his feet and he caught his arm and pulled himself back up and when i saw that i was like ‘Yea, he’s nice.'”

Mayweather certainly isn’t fighting for free these days, and Lions rookie CB Darius Slay has an opinion on him already earning $42 million.

“I don’t know how to take it or how Floyd will take it, but I feel like they are just giving him money now just cause they know he will probably win,” Slay said. “They know he will bring a lot of excitement to the game and I think he’s a real great boxer and i have watched him for the longest and I know I’m going with Floyd though.”

So would Slay get in the ring? “I mean not really because it’s a long process you know you have to be winning to get to where he’s doing. He’s been doing it for a long time and he’s progressed real good and he’s been beating folks and has earned what he’s been getting,” he said.

Which one of the Lions would make the best pro fighter?

“I would say Lou (Delmas) because he has his little two piece he has been throwing at himself and it’s pretty funny to me how he’s been looking doing it,” Slay said.

Lions TE Brandon Pettigrew would put his money on Mayweather.

“Man, you know what Mayweather is a monster-hands-down the best there is,” he said. “Canelo is, I’ve watched Canelo, he is on the rise. I feel like he maybe needs a couple more fights before he does this one but he definitely has it in him,” Pettigrew said. “He fights with a chip, he’s got a chance but i just believe Mayweather is too smart of a fighter that’s the same thing every time Mayweather gets into the ring he’s just a great fighter.”

RB Reggie Bush knows one thing: He’ll be watching it.

“Yea, definitely gonna watch it, man its tough because they always say this is the guy that can beat Mayweather and then it ends up not being and the guy end up losing,” Bush said.

“Canelo Alvarez is young and has a lot of wins underneath him and seems pretty serious and means business. For me, I can never tell pre-fight, you can never tell by the way the guy trains because I watch the show and watching them they always make it seem like its even so you can never really get any intel from the show if the guy has an advantage over another guy. I think Mayweather will win it.”


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