By Ashley Dunkak

ALLEN PARK (CBS DETROIT) – Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz shot down Jay Glazer’s comments about bad practice behavior by polarizing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, and center Dominic Raiola did the same Tuesday.

A commentator and writer for Fox, Glazer made waves on the pregame show before the Lions’ game Sunday, saying that in practices Suh slams players’ heads into the ground, stomps on people, takes shots and all-around cannot control himself.

Schwartz said Monday that none of that happened, and Raiola seconded it.

“That never happened,” Raiola said. “It’s false. You don’t have to look no further than his teammates voting him captain. He doesn’t do that in practice. That’s totally false.”

Sure, Suh practices hard, Raiola said, but he does it clean.

“That’s how you should practice – like a pro,” Raiola said. “That’s how he practices. That’s how he gets himself ready to play. I don’t know exactly what the words were, but it’s not stomping on teammates and hitting people in faces. If it was any along those lines, none of that.”

If Suh were to take such actions, Raiola said the behavior would not be ignored.

“We’re in such a different place now,” Raiola said. “It would be addressed. That’s totally false. It’s 180 degrees false.”

Though many nationwide refer to Suh as a dirty player, Raiola seems to admire the ferocity and considers Suh an old-school player, one who would fit just fine in a more physical generation of the game of football.

“You watch this guy play, he plays with such intensity,” Raiola said. “You’ve got appreciate that. Like a throwback. He really is.”


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