By Sandra McNeill

DETROIT (WWJ) – Federal agents in Detroit plan to discuss a Monroe car bombing that injured an attorney and his two sons two years ago.

Agents from the Detroit Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms are expected to reveal new information about the case at 12:30 Friday.

In September 2011, Erik Chappell was driving his sons to football practice when a pipe bomb planted under the car exploded along I-75. All three people were injured but managed to recover.

ATF Special Agent Donald Dawkins said they believe Chappell was the intended target of the bomb and they’re pretty sure they know who planted the device — but there’s just one problem.

“We’ve always had certain individuals in mind, but we just don’t have what we need to present this case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. It’s not ready yet,” Dawkins told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill.

At Friday’s press conference, the ATF will reveal new details about how the bomb was made and where it was placed. Dawkins hopes revealing the new information will lead to a break in the case.

“Someone may think ‘Ok, I seen someone purchase that’ or ‘I heard someone talk about some expertise in that,'” he said.

Dawkins wouldn’t release any additional information on the suspects, other than to say they may still be in the area.

“They could be very dangerous. Obviously, we haven’t apprehended anyone, but they need to be brought to justice,” he said.

David McCain, head of the ATF in Detroit, has said parts used in the homemade device came from remote-control toy cars that anyone can buy at a hobby store. He said this suggests that whoever made the bomb knew the electronics and circuitry to make what the ATF considers a “sophisticated device.”

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