AUBURN HILLS (WWJ) — Total 3D Solutions, the North American business partner for Zeiss Multimedia and its Cinemizer OLED, announced the optional headtracker attachment from Zeiss is now supported by Crytek in version 3.5 of CryEngine, which is available now.

This support offers an improved experience for first person gaming, plus full three-axis rotation, where previously only two were possible. The OLED is used as the visual output in glasses for video games, presentations, training and other simulations.

The ground-breaking CryEngine 3 will utilize data from the headtracker to pan the view up, down, left and right, as is possible with mouse controlled games. In addition, users will be able to tilt their head and the horizon will remain level, adding a great degree of realism, and will give a far better feeling of being there while gaming. The immersive experience can be further enhanced by using the cinemizer OLED in 3D mode.

CryEngine is the basis for a number of highly acclaimed games on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Both the commercial and non-commercial version of CryEngine will include support for the headtracker SDK. The addition of headtracker support will see many future games working with the cinemizer OLED and headtracker on all platforms, including the forthcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The inclusion of the SDK enables developers to directly access the raw data of the headtracker, which then can be used for programming. The benefits of the SDK include access to an additional axis of rotation (viewing axis – roll), lower latency times and the availability of absolute rotational data. The low latency times are critical to match the viewed scene with the head movement without noticeable lag. This delivers a more believable, immersive and realistic experience.

Franz Troppenhagen, Product Manager for ZEISS Multimedia’s cinemizer OLED said, “It is a great benefit to have full driver support. The combination of the CryEngine’s incredible graphics performance, ultra-low latency headtracker data and the cinemizer OLED head-mounted display offers an immersive 3D gaming experience at a level that has not been possible anywhere until now.”

Total 3D Solutions has 15 years of experience in the fields of 3D video production and animation, app development and immersive training solutions for the United States military and several large corporations.

In addition to immersive training solutions, Total 3D Solutions develops various applications and uses for the Cinemizer OLED, such as a calming aid for dental patients, gaming, controlling model aircraft via first-person view, a presentation tool for architects, a marketing tool for ad agencies and a flexible viewfinder for photographers and film-makers. For more information, visit


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