By: Jeff Riger

I have been saying it ever since I’ve seen A’s infielder Eric Sogard play baseball…

He looks exactly like “Stoney and Bill” cohost Bill McAllister!

But it’s not like I could just go up to Sogard and ask him, but I had to know if he agreed, so we asked a couple of other questions while waiting to show Sogard, McAllister’s picture.

Sogard is known for wearing actual glasses instead of the sports goggles that we see on a regular basis. “I’ve never thought about wearing the goggles, obviously I get that question a lot, bring back the old Chris Sabo look but glasses work for me so I’m going to stick with them” Sogard said.

Sogard has sort of a cult following in Oakland.

The fans at the Coliseum are already insane enough, but then add a player that doesn’t hit for all that much power like Sogard and the spectators show some love for the man with the spectacles by wearing oversized glasses themselves and sporting encouraging signs.

They say Sogard has “Nerd Power!” But is he actually a nerd?

“I hope not” Sogard exclaimed.

The infielder claims that he doesn’t act like a nerd off the field, it’s not like he’s reading a book on a Friday night, instead he’s acting “unnerdy!”

Once we got the glasses chatter out of the way, I figured it was now time to show him a picture of Bill and see if Eric thinks they look alike?

Watch the above video to find out his response…

C’mon, you just didn’t think I was just going to tell you, did you?


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