Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, Talks Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and Heartbreaking Loss to Detroit

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By: Jeff Riger

I have to admit something…

When I saw Dallas owner Jerry Jones enter the Cowboys dressing room on Sunday afternoon, I was geeked that I might have a chance to talk to him. I asked some Dallas writers, if Jones talks every game and they responded with a confident “yes.”

They were correct, Jones not only talked once, but he then talked again as reporters and players walked out of the room.

This just in…Jones likes talking to cameras.

Obviously Jones was not happy about his team dropping a 31-30 game to the Lions, a contest that no doubt the Cowboys should have won.

“They should have gotten expired when they (Lions) saw 4 turnovers” Jones said.

Who uses the word “expired” when talking about a team losing? Jones does and I loved it!

As for Dallas receiver Dez Bryant blowing up multiple times on the Cowboys sidelines, Jones didn’t seem to mind it.

“The offensive guys were able to really come out and play well at the end of the game, so apparently it didn’t impact them and the defensive guys were on the field so they weren’t involved with it as much, so no I don’t think it was a distraction” Jones said.

Jones also addressed the game that Lions receiver Calvin Johnson had and how he compares to Bryant.

“I don’t want to in anyway take anything away of how special of a player Johnson is and what we saw out there today” Jones said.

Watch the entire Jones video where he discusses more about Johnson, Bryant, the Lions and the loss.

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