Author, chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain is set to feature Detroit on the season two finale of his show “Parts Unknown”. The travelling food show has recently visited cities including Myanmar, Los Angeles and Libya.

In a trailer for the episode posted to YouTube, Bourdain describes the city’s finer points.

“You should come here for good reasons and you should come here to see what went wrong. It’s a truly magnificent place. This is where everything good in America came from … just about: great rock and roll, rhythm and blues, Motown …” he says begrudgingly admitting that techno music should be part of the list.

Back in July, Bourdain Tweeted that he visited three locations in southwest Detroit this week, including Duly’s Place, Full Belly Cafe and Vicki’s Barbecue and Shrimp.

The episode’s description from the show’s website reads:

Few cities have experienced such a dramatic economic rise and fall as Detroit. In this episode of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain explores the past, present and future of the Motor City.

Promotional clips for the episode feature off-the-beaten-path dining options.

Local media personality Charlie LeDuff arrives with Bourdain in a loud classic car and shares a plate of the “luxurious” greens at a pop-up barbecue stand, Greedy Greg’s. Bourdain called the stand an example of Detroit-style entrepreneurship.

“… in the greens is that smoked ham hock?” asked Bourdain to Rochelle, the woman behind the dish.

“I can’t tell you my secret!” she said smiling.

Bourdain then visits a Salvadoran home for tamales and meat filled tortillas called pupusas. Called a Pupusa House, it’s literally a residence converted to accommodate restaurant service on occasion.

Plus, Bourdain talks to Al Hill, a man who lives in the abandoned Packard Plant.

Watch clips from the episode set to air on CNN.


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