By Jeff Riger

By Jeff Riger

I admit that I’m torn here; I don’t actually know what to think.

Since Wednesday night, when it was announced that Max Scherzer won the American League Cy Young award, I have become increasingly bitter about the last three seasons of Tigers baseball.

Think about it for a second…

In the last three seasons, Detroit has pulled in two Cy Young’s and a runner-up, three MVP’s, (when Miguel Cabrera wins it tonight) three batting titles, a triple crown, a pitching triple crown, two ERA leaders and a runner-up Rookie of the Year.

Am I missing anything?

Yes, I understand that some of the above achievements are part of the seasons that Justin Verlander, Scherzer and Cabrera have been able to put together — but you get my drift.

Over the last three seasons, the Tigers got to celebrate three AL Central titles, and one pennant however they failed to win even a single World Series game.  Is that enough?

Don’t get me wrong, the last three years have been very entertaining and have given fans and media alike plenty to talk about — but we all needed more.

Detroit has made it pretty clear by their words and spending that it was “World Series or Bust.” And now that the window seems to be closing, many free agents are on their way out, and the money seems to be tighter — will you look back on these last three seasons as good and memorable, or disappointing and underachieving?

I admit that I used to think just going to the postseason meant it was a successful season, but now things have changed.  This is not a team three years removed from an all-time historic awful season anymore. Instead, it’s a club that has gone out and done everything in order to compete with the big boys and has nothing to show for it.

Yes, the drama and locker room celebrations were fun but I guarantee that as time passes, it will be the missed opportunities that you’ll remember more.

– Game 2 of the 2013 ALCS, when the Tiger’s couldn’t hold on to a 5-1 lead.

– Game 3 of the 2013 ALCS, where Detroit wasted a tremendous performance by Verlander only to lose 1-0.

– The entire 2012 World Series, where a couple of soft throwing lefties shut Detroit down and the Tigers couldn’t hit a lick.

Up until Scherzer won the Cy Young, people might have been satisfied with the last three seasons.

But as time goes on, that satisfaction will be clouded by “what could have been” — especially as more postseason awards roll in to highlight individual achievements of great players on a team that, ultimately, couldn’t make it happen.

What do you think?  Give me a word to describe the last three seasons of Tigers baseball.


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