It’s Work, It’s Play: Split Decision On Merits Of Snow Over Weekend

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 DETROIT (WWJ) – With temperatures expected to dip into the “teens” again Sunday morning, the effectiveness of the salt being applied to area roadways diminishes.

Matt Mountain is Superintendent of the Oakland County Road Commission’s Southfield Garage.

“It really does start losing its effectiveness at about 20 degrees … so as the salt is spraying out we are spraying them with liquid because you need the moisture to actually activate the salt,” said Mountain.

Another challenging aspect of this storm — he says — isn’t the amount of snow it’s packing, but the length of it’s taking. Meaning plow teams will have been working, non-stop, for over 24 hours by the time the snowfall stops.

While the winter storm means a weekend of work for many, others are taking advantage of the white stuff to have some fun.

Brad Minurie of Farmington Hills stuck with the daily routine taking his golden retrieve ‘Happy’ for a walk.

“He starts pulling me around in the snow,” he said with a laugh.

Amy Bruce of Northville knows that snow means its time to ski: “I go cross-counrty skiing or try of get out and enjoy it and make the best of it.”

Robert Dobson of Farmington Hills was out shoveling his driveway for a second time on Saturday: “I’m liking it from the standpoint of exercise but I’m not liking it from the standpoint of I don’t know how much more we are going to get.”

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