Can Cooper Harbaugh Save the Lions? [BLOG]

By: Tom Millikan

The Detroit Lions head coaching vacancy is in dire straits following Ken Whisenhunt’s decision to spurn the Lions to go to Tennessee. Whisenhunt was reportedly the heavy favorite to accept the Lions job according to several major media outlets.

Now the team is back at the drawing board trying to spin its fan base with Jim Caldwell and Mike Munchak. Caldwell was walked all over by the Colts when Peyton Manning got hurt. The Lions locker room would eat him alive. Munchak just got fired after having done squat in Tennessee. If the team hires one of these retreads, fans will likely revolt.

This is a critical time for the Lions organization. They’ve been publicly humiliated. The question is do they realize they’ve been humiliated. If so, they’ll also realize the franchise is teetering and they need to do something bold to save face.

My realistic bold move is for Bill Ford Jr. to privately meet with Tony Dungy and try to convince him to save this franchise from falling back into oblivion. I know Dungy has said he doesn’t want to coach again. But it can’t hurt to sit down with the man and see where a conversation goes. Dungy is the perfect fit for this team. His heart is invested in this franchise. And he actually embraces Lionization which I think is a critical element for any candidate.

If Dungy can’t happen then I think you’ve got to look at courting all of these big names with a blank paycheck: Bill Parcells, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden or Nick Saban. They have to hire somebody who has credibility because the Lions have no credibility.

If these options fail then the Lions are doomed unless there is a Cooper Harbaugh out there? An unknown third Harbaugh who is living in the shadow of his brothers John & Jim and was born for greatness.


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