By Dan Leach

By Dan Leach

Of course the game itself is what it’s all about as the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks play for a place in history Sunday night at the New Met-O-Lands.

While it is the heaviest bet game in the world each year (unless there is a World Cup) with $10.5 billion excepted, just having action on who wins or loses only can whet your appetite so much.

The real fun is throwing cash all over the place on prop bets that range from the normal — over/under rushing yards for Marshawn Lynch, passing yards for Peyton Manning — to the interesting — over/under on opera singer Renee Fleming’s national anthem — to the insane, like 4-1 on whether any of the legendary Red Chili Peppers will take their shirts off during their halftime performance.

Here are my top five prop bets based on value and of course greatness. Here’s to an amazing Super Sunday to one and all.

(Based on a DTM New York slices of pizza value meter: 1-10)

5: How many times will Peyton Manning say “Omaha” during the game? OVER/UNDER 27.5

Even though this has become a huge and hilarious story over the past few weeks that ended up raising a ton of money for charity, it is something that Manning has been doing all season long. Even if he tried to pull it back a little bit in the SB, subconsciously it calms him down and has become part his quarterbacking — and even more so now. He has said it over 75 times in the past two games and I think it only goes up in the biggest game in the world.

6.8 DTM slices of pizza on the over

4: Does Michael Crabtree mention Richard Sherman in a tweet during the game? NO -$500 YES +$300

We all know what the postgame interview around the world did over the past couple of weeks. Richard Sherman gifted sports radio hours of talk, got himself multiple endorsement deals, and somehow made Erin Andrews look even hotter in her state of bewilderment. Now, Michael Crabtree is sitting at home and Sherman is in the biggest game in the world. Just think how you would react if you were Crabtree, sitting at home after Sherman got torched by Wes Welker or Julius Thomas — or got a Slim Jim endorsement deal during halftime.

7 DTM slices of pizza on yes

3: Will Denver score a rushing touchdown? EVEN

Everyone is talking about the phenomenal Broncos passing attack and what Manning has done in what is arguably the best season for a QB in NFL history. What seems to be forgotten is the fact that Knowshon Moreno has had a great year, rushing for over 1,000 yards and scoring 10 rushing TDs. Montee Ball has been a great backup as well with over 500 yards and 4 TDs.

Manning will definitely get his passing yards and TDs, as he distributes the ball all over the place. But against the NFL’s best defense, there is going to be a lot of close goal line situations where running the ball will be more advantageous for Denver then trying to pass it in.

7.4 DTM slices of pizza on yes

2: Peyton Manning -78 passing yards vs. Russell Wilson

Manning has been simply amazing from the air all season long and that will not stop in the seasons biggest game even against the great Hawks pass D. Russell Wilson has thrown the ball well all year as well. If nerves don’t get to him early, should have a great game through the air as well.

Bottom line is Manning has more weapons, has been there before, and the Broncos are going to throw it early and often. With Seattle’s more balanced offensive attack, he will be throwing the ball much less then Peyton. I look for an over 340-yard passing game for Manning, and Wilson should be right around his season average of 192.8 yards a game.

8 DTM slices of pizza on Manning

1: How many times will Eli Manning be show on TV? 1.5 OVER -140$

This seems like it is almost too easy, as unless Eli hides in an underground bunker, he will be shown at least once every 10 minutes. Both brothers have always supported the other when they have been in the Super Bowl, and the Manning family is nothing if not tremendously close knit. It might be tough for Eli to see his big bro finally catch him in Super Bowl wins, as he has loved the dinner table bragging rights. But in the crisp New York/New Jersey night sky, as Manning and the Broncos win it all, you will see close ups of his little bro smiling and honoring big bro over and over again.

10 DTM slices of pizza on over


–Will any Red Hot Chili Pepper be shirtless during the halftime show? DTM Pick: Yes

–Peyton Manning pass attempts (-7.5 OVER) vs. Kevin Durant points against Washington on Feb. 1 — DTM Pick: Kevin Durant

–Dwight Howard missed free throws vs. total sacks by both teams in the Super Bowl — DTM Pick: Dwight Howard

–Will Erin Andrews (-$115) be show before Pan Oliver before kickoff? DTM Pick: Yes, Andrews

–Chance it will snow during the game (NO -$300 YES +$200) — DTM Pick: Yes — the weather peeps are never right!

–Manning gross passing yards (EVEN) vs. combined points scored by four B1G TEN teams (Indiana, Michigan, Purdue, Penn State) on Sunday — DTM Pick: Manning, as I have him throwing for over 352 yards

–Dale Earnhardt’s finish at the Daytona 500 vs. Russell Wilson’s longest rush in the game — DTM Pick: You know Dale Jr. is finishing in the top 10; I’d take Wilson all day

–Seattle or Denver being shutout (+5000) — No DTM Pick needed!

Dan Leach recently circled the globe lofted high above the sky on nothing but a lawn chair, 800 helium balloons and a dream, was the first human journalist to interview Dracula, is being blamed for the sub-zero temperatures around the Eastern United States due to his top secret work on a “Weather Machine,” invented time travel when he hit his head on a port-a-potty on Oct 15, 1985, and is a finalist for the first human manned mission to Neptune.


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