EASTPOINTE (WWJ) – Would you eat at a middle eastern restaurant called “The Bomb”?

Small business owners George and Rana Kasar, from Syria, thought a catchy new name might draw new customers to their Eastpointe eatery, which was called Ideli under previous management.

“It’s his idea, my husband’s idea,” Rana Kasar told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Kathryn Larson.  “I said, ‘No! It’s too much!’ He’s like, ‘No, no, no. I think it’s going to be perfect.'”

(credit: Kathryn Larson/WWJ)

(credit: Kathryn Larson/WWJ)

The Bomb will serve both middle eastern and American foods. Their signature dish is “The Bomb Fajita.”

“(It’s) a little bit scary. They think we’re terrorists now,” Rana Kasar said with a laugh.

She wants to make it clear, however, that that’s not the impression they’re going for. “Something like, when they eat something they’re like, ‘Wow! It’s the bomb.'”

In American slang, the phrase “the bomb” can mean “awesome,” “phenomenal,” or “the best.”

Rana Kasar said they’re not trying to be controversial — but the restaurant’s new moniker is already a topic of some debate.

Metro Detroiters shared their opinions on social media on Monday.

“Am I the only one that is thinking this is a stupid name change?” asked Meredith, a Sterling Heights resident who was a regular at Ideli.

“That does seem like a really ill-conceived name for a middle eastern restaurant. Unless they want to be on DHS watch lists,” Nicole, of Royal Oak, posted on Facebook.

“It’s a problem only if either they 1. add an -er to the end, 2. deliver in a van with their company name on it,” wrote Rich from Flint.

“Definitely should re-think that,” added Roger, of Clifford, Mich.

The Bomb is located between a party store and a car wash on 9 Mile Road at Piper.

What do you think of the name? Harmless fun, or potentially offensive?  Comment below.


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