WOODHAVEN (WWJ) – Traffic troubles caused by downriver train that passes through Woodhaven — near Allen Road, just south of West Road — continue to leave commuters fed up and confused.

While waiting for the train to move for anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, drivers like Robert Palmer say they’re late for work at times and, at this point, tired of the inconvenience.

“You probably get stuck there for 20 minutes on and off during the day,” Palmer said. “Sometimes it will just stop and park. They need to do something about this.”

With residents flooding her office with frustrated calls, Woodhaven Mayor Patricia Odette, told WWJ’s Mike Campbell that she does have a plan in place.

Odette said she is going to post a sign with the Gov. Rick Snyder’s phone number on it to encourage residents to voice their concerns to Lansing until action has been taken.

There was no information immediately available about the train itself or its cargo.


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