Sledgehammer Crooks Strike Again On Detroit’s East Side [VIDEO]

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DETROIT (WWJ) – Robbers using sledgehammers have broken into a number of stores on Detroit’s east side.

Police believe the same suspects who were caught on security video as they busted their way into Van Dyke Liquor Market last week tried to use their sledgehammer to get into K&G Liquor Store And Deli  on Conner.

“They tried sledgehammering the side of the building,” store owner Kal Hannawa told City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas, “and they had no success there, so they came towards the front of the building and they worked on the metal on the front of the building … still wasn’t able to ge in.”

Hannawa said that even though a representative from their alarm company told the three thieves through loudspeakers that police were on the way, they stayed — and even ripped the speaker off the wall.

“It’s probably gonna cost me three grand to fix up what they damaged,” he said. “You know, the insurance when I first took over the place was less than $7,000. Today the same insurance policy with half the coverage is $15,000.”

Police did arrive in time to arrest one of three suspects in the case. His name was not immediately released. At least two additional suspects remained at large on Monday.

Van Dyke Liquor owner Steve Bahoura said he’s been spending the night at the store with his shotgun within reach, after a break-in last month. Detroit store owners have released security camera footage, hoping that will help catch these crooks.

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