By: Evan Jankens

Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges and Larry Bird must be saying to themselves right about now, “where was this thought when I played.” The NBA is actually considering adding a 4-point shot (they must be watching old Jock Jams VHS’) to the game.

According to, NBA President of  Basketball Operations Rod Thorn said “something that’s come up” when referencing the NBA implementing the 4-point shot.

I don’t believe this is something that should ever be considered, but maybe that’s what people like myself were saying in 1979 when the NBA added the 3-point shot.

Also being discussed is the possibility of the court expanding. Right now the NBA floor measures at 94-by-50 foot court. “Making the court bigger — it’s an interesting idea and we’ve actually looked at it,” said Kiki VanDeWeghe -VP of basketball operations.

Maybe I am old-school, heck I’m only 30 but leave the game as it is … what’s next the NBA will raise the rim to 12-feet?


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