By: Evan Jankens

Detroit Pistons guard/forward Kyle Singler has been known as “Buckets” — and in my opinion he’s one of the guys who plays the hardest, game in and game out.

Last night, however, Singler was part of an unfortunate play. As Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson lead the fast break, Singler thought he would go up and try to block the dunk attempt. That failed worse than Kyle could have ever imagined. Not only did he get dunked on pretty hard but he also managed to stumble all the way back to the row of photographers on the floor.

Singler tried to gather himself with about seven steps before eventually falling. You could see a point where Singler thought he had saved himself from the fall and — bam — down goes Singler. I must have watched this video 20 times now and I still continue to laugh.

This isn’t the first time Singler has been dunked on. Last year, Cavs forward Alonzo Gee went baseline and dunked all over Singler.

Both of these dunks still pale in comparison to former Piston getting dunked on by DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Watch it above.


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