TROY (WWJ) – Police are warning parents to be on the lookout after two instances of “stranger danger” were reported in different Oakland County communities.

The first case took place in Troy, near the area of Square Lake and John R roads. Troy School District administrators sent out a note to parents Thursday afternoon, alerting them to a suspicious man who tried to lure a 12-year-old girl into his car.

According to police, a parent reported seeing an older, white, full-sized station wagon with body damage to the driver’s side front-quarter panel sitting on Slate Street for several days in the early morning hours. She told police a black male in his 20’s was sitting in the driver’s seat and wearing sunglasses, even though it was dark out. But by the time police arrived in the area, the man had driven off in an unknown direction.

The woman told police her daughter was walking to the school bus stop Thursday morning when she noticed the vehicle. The man reportedly pulled up to the girl and called out, “What are you doing? Come here.” Police say the girl “did exactly the right thing” and ran to a neighbor’s porch for help. The man again drove off before police arrived.

The second case took place Farmington Hills, where police say a suspicious woman approached a student in the area of 8 Mile and Middlebelt roads Thursday afternoon. According to police, the woman drove up in a small white SUV and made verbal contact with the student. Police wouldn’t elaborate, and say they’re not sure what the woman was doing in the area.

Police say the incidents are a good reminder for every parent to talk to their children about what to do if they see a suspicious vehicle or are approached by strangers. Topics regarding safety with strangers include:

  • Do not accept candy or gifts from strangers.
  • Do not accept rides with strangers or people you do not know very well.
  • Do not walk or play alone. Walk with a friend or in a group.
  • Go directly home after school.
  • Never go anywhere without telling your parents first.
  • Be cautious when approached by strangers. If a stranger stops to ask a question, you should WALK AWAY. NEVER go over to a stranger or their car, for ANY reason.
  • Tell parents or a teacher immediately about a suspicious person
  • Seek assistance if a stranger forces attention upon you. If someone is following you, run to a house where you think someone is at home and pound on the door and yell. You can also run inside a building such as a store, where there are people. Ask someone to call the police immediately. Do not run into a woods, park or shrub area.
  • If possible, get the license number of any car that is following you and tell the police immediately. They may be able to catch the car before it leaves the neighborhood. But never wait around to get the number of description of the car. RUN FIRST.

Anyone with information on the Troy incident is asked to contact police at 248-524-3451. Anyone with information on the Farmington Hills incident is asked to contact police at 248-871-2610.


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