Here’s A Slightly Different Detroit Lions Uniform [PHOTO]

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By: Evan Jankens

If you have read anything I have posted before, you know I am a jersey buff. Whether it’s the Bucs new jerseys or a goofy Ghostbusters knockoff I am all over it.

Today, has some subtle but impressive changes to NFL uniforms. I will concentrate on what he has done with the Lions.

According to his site, this is what he did:

Consolidated striping into one consistent pattern that is unique to the Lions, applied throughout to both home and road uniforms. Tweaked number colors to stay consistent with striping.

It’s amazing how such simple changes can make a uniform snap! I personally like the tiny changes in the Lions helmet. Click HERE to check out all the other uniforms. Let’s not get excited either, I highly doubt the Lions will make any uniform changes in the near future, but it’s always cool to mess around with the idea!

Do you like the new look uniforms? Which team do you like the most?

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