By: Jeff Riger

It’s one of the oldest bits in Detroit sports talk radio…

When Nick Lidstrom was still playing for the Wings, people would call in, say their piece and more times than not get his name wrong during the call. It happened all the time and still does. The NHL even got it wrong when he won his last Norris trophy.

It’s pretty remarkable and disrespectful at the same time.

I always wondered how anybody who liked the Wings, much less loved them, could pronounce Lidstrom’s name incorrectly? I would assume no other superstar ever had to deal with this sort of thing? Why pronounce a N that doesn’t exist? It got flat-out aggravating after a while and if you and I were annoyed, you have to believe Lidstrom was too.

So I asked him about it Wednesday, a day before his number was to be raised to the rafters at Joe Louis Arena.

“Hey Nick, I don’t know if you’ve ever been asked this or not,” I started. “But since your career is over; did you ever get annoyed or wonder why people added the N to your last name?”

Watch the video to see his answer.

Then ask yourself: Why was it so hard to get it right?


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