By: Evan Jankens

Growing up as a sports fan I loved the movie “Major League,” — heck, every time the movie is on TV I still have to watch it. I will even watch “Major League II” or the awful “Major League 3: Back to the Minors.”

I just love a goofy sports movie. My favorite character has to be Willie Mays Hayes, although I think most would love Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn. Roger Dorn is also a character I think people like, he did finally get in front of the ball in the first movie.

Today is a sad day in Major League remakes though, because Crocetta Baseball Club, an Italian baseball team, may not have gotten all of the classes in being PC.

They recreated the famous American Express commercial from the first flick and at the end Willie Mays Hayes comes sliding into home.

I wouldn’t imagine there is anything good that comes out of this for the ball club. Maybe they’ll win the award for the most racist commercial ever?


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