By Ashley Dunkak

CBS DETROIT – At least in the athletic realm, Ohio State is often introduced by its graduates as “The Ohio State University,” with a pretentious-sounding emphasis on “the.”

You’ve probably heard it more than once in NFL pregame video introductions, where former Buckeyes always seem consistent with this delivery, deeming their school “THE Ohio State University,” even sometimes adding a dramatic pause to make it sound more like “THE … Ohio State University.”

Students at the University of Dayton, just over an hour’s drive from the land of the Buckeyes, have evidently heard this self-aggrandizing pronouncement of Ohio State’s name as well, and a Dayton newspaper decided to have a little fun with that tendency after Dayton upset Ohio State in the first round of the NCAA tournament Thursday.

Selection committee members, whose pairing of the in-state schools has been rewarded with an upset and this clever follow-up by the Dayton newspaper, probably feel pretty good about this pairing right about now.


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