By: Evan Jankens

I figured posting this video is only fitting for me. Back in 2005, I broke my tibia and fibula in half in my left leg. Right when it happened, the first thing I thought was I tore my ACL (tore my right one the year before) but when I looked down I saw a flapping right shin. Not a pleasant sight at all.

Yesterday, Don Baylor was catching the ceremonial first pitch from Vlad Guerrero at the L.A. Angels home opener. Unfortunately, Baylor snapped his femur. I couldn’t imagine the pain he felt. I also can understand how he tried to stand up. You don’t even know what is wrong before you see it. Click HERE to see the extended video.

Most doctors will tell you that usually they will see a broken femur from a car crash or some type of motor vehicle accident.


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