Students Pull April Fools’ Day Trick For The Ages Against Anti-Cell Phone Prof

By Christy Strawser, CBS Detroit

GRAND RAPIDS (CBS Detroit) Everyone hates the dreaded cell phone talker in a closed room — but one Aquinas College macroeconomics professor hates it more than most.

He hates it so much, his classroom rule is that if your phone rings you have to answer it on speakerphone for all to enjoy.

And then this happened.

Who’s the teacher now?

That’s right, a female student conspired to get what sounded like a terribly unwelcome call during class where — on speakerphone — she got the news of a pregnancy, and had to discuss a father who was, ahem, “not in the picture.”

The look on the professor’s face is priceless — after he apologizes — when she tells him the baby’s first name will be “April,” and the middle, “Fools.”

“You can’t understand the internal relief,” the red-faced professor said, as the room exploded in laughter.


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