By: Sara

Kim Kardashian has been working hard to make sure her post-baby body is snapping back into shape. She has dropped 50 pounds and couldn’t wait to show the world that she is bikini ready. After seeing her recent photo shoot from Thailand, I am almost not sure if the BIKINI was ready for KIM. That tiny gold thong barely had a chance when faced with the booty to end all booties. Kardashian looked beautiful, and the photo of her sitting on a red boat and giving a full moon view of her most famous asset is…jaw dropping.

Click HERE to see the Kim Kardashian photos!

Not to be outdone, Rihanna stepped up to the plate with a photo shoot of her own. Instead of trying to compete against Kim with a thong shot, RiRi just went completely BOTTOMLESS. It is less about art in these photos, and more about…face down, booty up, timber!


Click HERE to see the Rihanna photos!

In a booty to booty battle, which girl came out the winner?


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