By: Evan Jankens

I’ve always said musicians want to be athletes and vice versa. In a slightly different version of that theme, I think a little part of Justin Verlander has always wanted to be a hitter. Pitching in the AL, he obviously doesn’t get many opportunities and before this weekend he was 0-27.

Verlander must have eaten his Wheaties on the road trip out to California — not only did he get his first major league hit, he got two.

“You know, Shannon, I’m a pitcher, let’s not talking about the hitting,” Verlander said to Fox Sports Detroit’s Shannon Hogan. “I’m just kidding, let’s talk about it!”

According to Tigers manager Brad Ausmus, Verlander was supposed to be taking a strike on his second hit, but chose to swing away and that paid off for Verlander.

The best part of Verlander’s second hit was the fact the Padres right fielder tried to throw him out at first. Could you imagine that embarrassment?

In the top of the second inning, Verlander hit a ball up the middle for his first career hit and his teammates seemed to enjoy it just as much.


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