By: Eric Thomas

Ndamukong Suh won’t be at the Lions’ voluntary offseason camp this week, according to sources who spoke with the Associated Press. Wow. Did this same source tell the Lions before picking up the phone and talking to the AP?

Suh continues to slap the Lions in the face. I think there is no way the Lions can re-sign him now. If they offered him a contract after all this nonsense, they’d be the NFL’s laughing stock. Fans need to remember: this isn’t unfolding organically. Someone with knowledge of Suh’s plans (ie., someone in his camp) called the Associated Press and told them he wouldn’t be attending this week’s camp. That’s a deliberate act, and the person who made the call likely knew it would make the Lions look bad.

There isn’t any debating anymore: Suh is making it clear he just doesn’t want to be in Detroit. That’s fair, but at the least, Suh could LOOK like he wants to be here so the Lions could get fair market value for the trade. What team would take Suh off the Lions’ hands now?!

Some fans hoped the Lions overtures to Jadeveon Clowney and Sammy Watkins indicated they would move up in the draft. They hoped that Suh would be part of the package to move up. You’re dreaming. I think none of the NFL teams, yes, even the Raiders, are dumb enough to trade Suh for a first round draft pick.

The odds of trading up the draft are getting longer this year regardless, as the NFL puppy pile forms to get stud WR Sammy Watkins. It wouldn’t be crazy to see him go No. 1 at this point; many of the mocks have St Louis taking him at number two, which would make sense for them. They need Sam Bradford to work out; Sammy Watkins has the talent to make an offense a whole lot better. No team is going to trade away the opportunity to get Watkins so that they can import an expensive DT who complains to the media.

The Lions cannot re-sign Suh. There’s the math problem, there’s the optics problem, and the attitude problem. He’s a great player, but worth nowhere near the money he’s commanding considering the position he plays. In Suh’s best seasons, the Lions missed the playoffs. In Suh’s worst season, the Lions made the playoffs. His dominance is a nice luxury, but it’s a luxury the Lions can ill afford.

If the Lions sign Suh now, after all this nonsense, they will look ridiculous at best and weak at worst. The problem with this latest leak (to the AP?! REALLY) is it proves that Suh is willing to let the Lions be embarrassed. He has to go, and has to go THIS YEAR.


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