By: Evan Jankens

The Internet is such a wonderful invention. It’s the place I saw my first Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (thanks AOL dial-up). The Internet is also the first place I saw a naked lady (thanks The Internet is also the reason Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are popular. Alas, I won’t be thanking the Internet for those two.

But a selfie song that has apparently hit the Internet and become so popular that it spawned parodies — now that’s a reason to rejoice.

Luckily the Washington Redskins made a parody of the song — but does this parody make the song good? I don’t know if I would go that far; 30 seconds into the video I turned down the volume and just looked at the pictures of hot cheerleaders.

If I were you, I would turn down the volume. It’s not really needed.


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