By: Evan Jankens

“Hey, hey, how you doing?” That could quite possibly be my favorite inappropriate use of what sounds to be a pickup line. That’s a quote from a man who spotted an escaped prisoner — That casual intro is how he started the conversation with the 911 operator.

But that very well may be trumped by the newest pickup line I heard while watching a YouTube video of a shirtless man asking out a news anchor while live on the air.

“Wow, you’re super pretty, you wanna go on a date sometime?” I have to give this dude a ton of credit, he didn’t even hesitate to ask this lady out. He didn’t care that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, didn’t care there was a wildfire going on — All that was on his mind was scoring a date.

When the reporter asked the man what he thought of the wildfire, his response was so elegant, “it’s cool.” The reporter’s name is Courtney Friel, and I will admit she is “super pretty” in that dude’s words. After checking out her website, I give this guy even more props for asking her out.

Would you have asked her out?


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