By: Evan Jankens

The New England Patriots get it. People spend good money on NFL jerseys and they want to get their money’s worth. There are three price tiers for NFL jerseys — the lowest level replica is $100, the next step up is $150 and the ‘elite’ version, which is very close to what the players wear on the field, retails for $295.

That is quite a bit of money to spend on a jersey for a player who may not be on said team the following year.

And the Patriots get it, so much so that they launched a program to prevent you from wasting your money.

According to

If fans purchase jerseys from either the team website or stadium store, and the players whose names are on the back leave the team within a year of purchase, those fans will receive a 25 percent discount toward the price of the next Patriots jersey they buy. Fans, who will have two months from the day a player is no longer under contract to make a new purchase with the discount, do not have to return the original jerseys with the names of former players.

For someone like me who grew up buying jerseys, this is the ultimate deal. You are able to get money off your next jersey! How cool is that. Do you like what the Patriots are doing?

Last year the New England Patriots offered fans with Aaron Hernandez jerseys the ability to exchange his jersey for another players; More than 1,200 took part in the offer.


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