Beyonce’s sister attacks her own brother-in-law.

Surveillance video caught 27-year-old Solange, Beyonce’s sister, lashing out at Jay Z as the three left the Met Gala after party in New York. The three were in an elevator when Solange started wildly kicking and punching the rapper.

What makes the whole thing even weirder is that Beyonce, Jay Z’s wife, just stood there not really doing anything about it.

Watch the video.


A cute picture of rare identical “mono mono” twins who were born in Ohio last week has gone viral on the Internet. The twins, Jenna and Jillian, grasped onto each other after they were born.

The mono mono condition means the fetuses shared an amniotic sac.

See the adorable and rare picture.


We’re now learning why Andre Johnson, the rapper associated with Wu Tang Clan, severed his own penis before jumping off a balcony.

Johnson told TMZ that restraining orders are preventing him from seeing his two daughters and he was feeling extremely depressed. He says he was smoking weed and reading books about vasectomies, and well, that inspired him.

Surgeons were able to reattach his penis by the way, and it fully functions. Minus the being able to make children part. I guess he got what he wanted.

Read more.


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