Daniel Bryan’s ‘Yes Movement’ Has Made It To MLB [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan has taken the world by storm. Bryan is not taller than 5’10” by any mean, isn’t built, looks kinda goat-ish but has managed to own the WWE Universe.

Bryan has a little gimmick in wrestling called the “Yes Movement.” When Daniel enters the ring, he raises both arms in the air with the pointer fingers to the sky yelling, “yes, yes, yes.”

Michigan State decided to join into the “Yes Movement” as you can see below.

I had a chance to speak with Daniel Bryan before he won the WWE Championship and he couldn’t even believe so many athletes are embracing this.

Now the San Francisco Giants have also embraced the “Yes” chant, as well, after they hit a home run.

Michigan State, Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco Giants are bad teams


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