By: Evan Jankens

Come on Pistons, do me a solid and draft this young man! I have blogged about him before. His name is Dante Exum, he’s from Australia and he has all the makings of a good PG in my opinion.

It’s hard for me to remove the Pistons fan boy nature I have, but with my job I have to remove it. I don’t think Stan Van Gundy is going to be a successful coach with the Pistons. It’s not that he isn’t a good coach, because he is. He was “won” everywhere he has been. The reason I put won in quotes is he has made it to the playoffs and the NBA Finals, but hasn’t reached the ultimate goal of winning a championship.

On top of that, Van Gundy has left every stop with a bad taste in the mouths of fans.

Van Gundy left the Miami Heat to be “with his family.” The Heat went on to win the NBA Championship that year. Before he was fired from the Orlando Magic, all the riff raff with Dwight Howard began (The Howard feud and the rumor that Howard wanted him fired.)

Van Gundy will be a good quote and all that and the Pistons fan in me really wants him to succeed — and I believe the addition of Exum through the draft could be a good start.

Exum, 18, is 6 foot 6 inches tall, and has the tools to be a good PG. I know that as a young kid who hasn’t played elite level college basketball, his game may not translate to the NBA.

Many people didn’t think that Ricky Rubio’s game would transfer either.

The Pistons talked to Exum today, so if they don’t lose their pick to the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA Draft lottery, which is held next Tuesday, this is the guy you want. Brandon Jennings isn’t the answer at point, in my opinion. Hey, what do I know, I just write for a website but I believe this is the guy for the Pistons!


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