By Zahra Huber

Imagine walking into your bathroom only to find a snake slithering around.

That’s what happened to a 50-year-old Texas woman who had come home, walked into her bathroom, and found a 12-foot African python wrapped around her toilet bowl.

Let me repeat that. Twelve foot python slithering around her bathroom. It’s believed that the snake got in through her back door.

Thankfully she took a moment to take a picture, and you can see that photo here.


It’s so disappointing when you find out the celebrity you admire turns out to be – insert expletive here. That’s what happened to a fan of singer Rihanna, who apparently cyberbullied the teen.

Here’s what happened. For her prom, 16-year-old Alexis Carter decided to wear a homemade version of Rihanna’s green caped jumpsuit that she wore to the Echo Awards. Cyberbullies started to make fun of her, and Rihanna joined in as well. She posted a side-by-side photo of herself and Carter and put a sad face. Then Rihanna posted a side-by-side picture of Carter and the Wu-Tang logo.

Needless to say, Carter says she was very offended.

See the pictures here.


If you need something to make you laugh today, check out the video on YouTube where a 7-year-old Border Collie discovers the bowling lane buzzer and is completely freaked out.

Watch the video.



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