DETROIT (WWJ) — Some new ideas are on the table for the old Tiger Stadium residing in Detroit’s historic Corktown.

George Jackson, outgoing President and CEO of Detroit Economic Club, said that several firms are putting in their proposals for the largely vacant site.

Although he isn’t aware of all the plans for the stadium, Jackson said that he favors one idea in particular.

“It should be a mixed use of both residential and retail, commercial on that side,” Jackson said. “I think it’s definitely needed as a real complement to what’s already going on in Corktown.”

Earlier this year the city put out a request for proposals, which were due last week. Jackson said that he will not be a part of the sites’s proposal selection process.

“I never was against a baseball field, I just didn’t think it should be just a baseball field or that it should dominate the site when you have a community and a city that needs more density,” Jackson said. “Obviously there are several firms, entities,  that are putting in a bid on that. I wont be a part of the decision making, but I think that it’s going in the right place.”


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