By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

The Tigers have had some pretty interesting people and things throw out the first pitch this season so far. There was the Samurai Warrior form the DIA. There was former manager Jim Leyland. And, on Tuesday night, RoboCop himself toed the rubber.

To be honest, there is nothing like a movie character from 1987 to make you feel old. Sure, RoboCop was about Detroit, and yeah it was a solid film. However the majority of Tigers players weren’t even alive when the original movie came out.

So when I was asked to get reaction about RoboCop tossing out the first pitch, I figured it was a lost cause…

However, I was wrong. It turns out that Tigers right fielder Rajai Davis is not only a fan of the movie; but he’s also close personal friends with the robotic cop himself. Well, at least the one that threw out the first pitch.

Davis had a chance to hang out with RoboCop who apparently doesn’t speak, but that didn’t stop the outfielder. “I actually get people or things to talk when they’re not supposed to talk” Davis said. “Somehow I have that thing in me and draw it out of them. But it was very few words though. It was a very nice experience having RoboCop out there, the real RoboCop, that’s what I call him anyways…”

Davis was a big RoboCop fan growing up. He loved the movie; he even wanted to be like the Cop, with one exception. “I found out that RoboCop doesn’t like thieves, he doesn’t like thieves” Davis said. “I came up to be a pretty good thief; you know stealing a lot of good bases. Me and RoboCop kind of butted heads a little bit out there. That was the big problem we had in our meeting today.”

The two seemed to work things out and Davis even predicted a “Robo arm strike” for the iconic cop’s first pitch.

The prediction was off however, the pitch was in the dirt but still really cool to see.

Listen to the entire Davis interview about RoboCop. I got to say, Davis was pretty funny!


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