CLAWSON (WWJ) — Clawson Police are looking into a criminal sexual conduct complaint that female students were allegedly inappropriately touched by male students during a swim class at Clawson High School.

Detective Lt. Scott Sarvello said that police are interviewing the students involved — all under the age of 17 — as well as witnesses at the school, but was not sure if there will be charges filed.

“The investigation so far looks like that conduct happened in the pool and also around the deck area of the pool or just around the pool,” Sarvello said. “It is kind of early tho say that we’re looking for charges because we’re still interviewing the girls and the boys involved so we’re still trying to put all of the facts together.

“I don’t want to jump ahead and say that we’re looking for charges because we don’t have all of the facts lined up.”

Sarvello said, however, that the allegations are being taken very seriously.

“It is serious allegations when you start, obviously, inappropriate touching of the private areas, that’s where the CSC complaint comes in to,” Sarvello said. “People have to be aware of what they’re doing and what’s appropriate and what their ages are. They do have to be aware that for certain things they can face serious punishment for them.”

Clawson High School officials are also conducting an investigation of the complaint.


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