DETROIT (WWJ) – Last November, Sheila Crowell volunteered as a poll worker at Ladder 22 and found the firehouse needed a lot of daily, household items.

“Paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning equipment and they have to buy their own food everyday,” she said to WWJ’ Marie Osborne.

“I was upset,” said Crowell about the supply shortage. “They deserve a whole lot more than what they are getting.”

A photo of Sheila's son; William 'Buck' Crowell.

A photo of Sheila’s son; William ‘Buck’ Crowell.

Crowell held a fundraiser in December and was able to stock Ladder 22 and Engine 34 with basic supplies, items the firefighters have to buy with their own money.  She did so to honor the memory of her son, William ‘Buck’ Crowell who died in 2013.

She witnessed a new need and her emphasis is now focused on gear for the firefighters, and that will be addressed through a fundraiser June 28th at UAW local 22 in Detroit where the community will have the opportunity to pitch-in.

She wants to buy puncture-resistant, 14 inch steel-toed (Black Diamond) fire boots and at $200 per pair – the goal is a lofty one.

She’s said there has been some push-back from fire officials who would prefer these challenges remain discrete.

“We’re not trying to get anybody in trouble but I don’t mind it coming my way,” she said.

Crowell just said she wants firefighters to know they deserve the best.


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