By Mark Drum

It has already been six months since the conclusion of last season’s Big Brother?!? Time flew by and I’m excited for this upcoming season. There are some new twists for this season and a newly redesigned house! For the first time this year Big Brother will be filmed in HD and there will be a two night premiere. Lot’s of exciting things and lots to talk about!

Twists Revealed

If you missed The Talk yesterday, Julie Chen the resident host of Big Brother announced that there will be two houseguests that will win Head of Household (HOH) resulting in four people nominated for eviction each week. A new competition has been announced titled, “Battle of the Block (BOTB),” where Julie states, “just because you’re HOH doesn’t mean you’re safe,” which had the audience as well as fans on social media surprised. Lastly for the fans (that are in the US – sorry Canadian Fans), they will be able to influence the game in which they are calling “Team America,” that says will be an “interactive twist.” Michigan’s resident Big Brother Winner, Dan Gheesling had this to say about the twists via his Twitter.

Here’s my breakdown of the announcement of the twists.

Two HOHs – This will be interesting to see how this plays out because it leaves many things unanswered. Will there be one or two HOH competitions? Will Challenges be reworked somehow to get two winners instead of one. Can we except more endurance or puzzle or physical competitions? How are they going to share the HOH room?!?

BOTB – We can assume that Battle of the Block refers to those nominated but will this competition take place of the Power of Veto (POV)? Julie had mentioned that HOH isn’t guaranteed safety anymore, so will that mean that if someone is removed from the block, the HOH can be put up in their place? If POV is still intact then where will this competition take place? Luckily the past six months or probably longer the producers have thought through all the “what if” questions, that we the fans and viewers of the show have begun to question. Yet let’s look back at America’s Player from last season, that didn’t last long.

Team America – Speaking of America’s Player, America is again getting to play the game as well. So the dynamic of the game will be interesting, however if we get another twist like last season, where a former BB houseguest sibling/relative/significant other is on the show you know they’ll be pulling votes. Also for fans that watched Big Brother Canada, doesn’t this seem a little bit like their twist they had this past season? If we get a Marsha the moose character but in the form of the rubber ducky I’m all for it!

House Tour

CBS has released a video tour and photos of the house. If you haven’t taken a chance to see the video or photos head over to and check them out! Fun fact there will be over 76 HD cameras in the Big Brother house, which apparently is more than the Super Bowl and the Oscars!

The theme for the house design this year is a “tree house” and kudos to the crew and design team for creating the house! In the house for some of the rooms they’ve included the elements as a nice touch. One element that was interesting to see from the photos was Ice. The “Have Not,” room this year is an icebox, which definitely looks uncomfortable and hopefully very chilly. Although last season’s airplane seats in the “Have Not,” room was clever, but nobody likes to be freezing to go to sleep.

Expect the Unexpected

Don’t forget to tune into the Two-Day Premiere for this season on CBS 62 Detroit, on Wednesday, June 28 at 8pm and Thursday, June 29 at 9pm. During these premieres if you subscribe to the live feeds (it’s on discount for 20% off) for some exclusives and events that will be going on!

If you miss the premiere, we’ll have a recap/breakdown of what went on and you can watch the episodes online on or also watching them on your mobile device by downloading the CBS app on your iPhone or Android device!

This season is looking to be another exciting and “twisted” season. Remember though, “Expect the Unexpected!”

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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